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Sarah and Samuel, Cissbury, West Sussex, part 2 + engagement photo session

This post include two fantastic photo sessions so don't forget to scroll all way down to see both. It will be worth it.

Cissbury Barns are located in a very beautiful and green area of South Down. Beautiful views give an amazing opportunity for a very romantic photo session during your wedding day.

After speeches but before a first dance Sarah and Sam decided to take a short walk not far away from a venue. The sun was going down after a busy and exciting day. The light and views were perfect.

But it wasn't a very first time when I had a chance to photograph Sarah and Sam in this location. Few months back they have chosen this place for their engagement photo session. I had a chance to see the place for a very first time and obviously I fallen in love with it (I am such a nature lover so views like this gives me a butterflies in my stomach).

To capture this session we went a bit dipper in to the woodland...

The engagement photo session is a chance to feel more relaxed and confident opposite a camera and to know your photographer better, so he/she won't be a completely stranger for you during your wedding day.


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