July 26, 2016

What make maternity photo session good? Big bag of clothes and stuff, food and water (very hot and sunny evening), good mood, beautiful bump with an amazing and creative picture... We had it all with Nikola and Damian and little Tobias who was a hidden hero of this sto...

June 12, 2016

Celebrating 1st birthday of this little handsome boy was a pleasure.

A lot of fun and joy during the photo session. This is what we like the most.

We even managed to make Marlon smile once or twice. He is a very serious little man. 

April 14, 2016

Spring is coming :) 

Beautiful model and an amazing place for photo session (@ Arundel). There is not much more a photographer would ask for. Maybe a good weather... and we had it :)

It was a great morning walk with Dani. A little bit muddy after rain night before but ev...

August 9, 2015

It was the very final test for Gabi and Darian before their big day in September. Two great people but not easy to control during the session, so free style and like working with kids. But effect? As great as they are!!

We wish them happy ever after alway...

July 18, 2015

Louisa & Jon's wedding was very emotional. There was a lot of smiling and laughter but also tears. We truly take it all and Eva was close to crying when beautiful Lou was walking done the aisle with her grandmother. But only a bride could show her tears and Eva had to...

July 17, 2015

What an enjoyable wedding!! Fun fun fun and more fun from the beginning till the end.

Beautiful bride Amy and Justin as the groom.  Also bridesmaids and best man, funny people! Eva didn't even try to keep them under control during the session because relaxing atmosphere...

July 4, 2015

Ok, so maybe Freya didn't like somebody who was following her with something big and black infront of her face and was showing it for quite a while but what could we expect from such a little, sweet girl. She doesn't really care that she is growing so fast and parents...

October 19, 2014

This photoshoot was a  special present from Andrea's sister. The final test before the wedding. Not for an amazing model Andrea but probably for Lukasz... 

We love the final result of this session. So easy to say... there was love in the air. 

December 27, 2013

Such a beautiful day and two fantastic people in love. 

Weddings don't have to be big to make a day special. Sometimes it is all about having the closet members of your family and friends  with you. 

Nikki's wedding shoes were great! Very individ...

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