We are EVA & KRIS...

Almost inseparable duo passionated about photography. 


We live 3 miles from  Chichester, West Sussex.

We work troughout the whole of West Sussex and more... just ask the question and we can go with you anywhere you want even to the end of the earth. 

We love travelling!
























if you want to know us better there are a few facts which may help:




- loves chocolate & peanut butter flavour ice-cream 

- can't live without running and mountains 

- knows everything about healthy food but hates cooking

- loves our cat Milo




 - can find everything on the internet, if he can't... it doesn't exist

- ​specialized in DIY and can fix anything

- very undecided perfectionist

- can disappear for hours on his mountain bike...


In photography, emotion and simplicity are more important for us than 'special effects' and fake posing.  


We want our photos to be timeless and make you happy today and in 30 years time.

This is your story and we are just tellers. We use our eyes and lenses to see it and cameras to capture your memories forever.  




We have new addition to our family :)

our son...



born 22.12.2016

- loves milk and giggles

- great explorer

- just perfect baby :)