• The Boss :)

  • I love being mum to our son Adam 

  • a wedding photography is my passion. seeing people in love is just a beautiful 

  • I am very emotional person so you can see tears in my eyes during your wedding ;)

  •  my very first camera belonged to my dad. it was Russian Zenit, we still have it and it works!

  • if I don't take photos or play with my son I read books... about everything

  • I am vegetarian and eco-geek 

  • I drink a lot of coffee but I have low blood pressure so it's fine :)

  • I love all animals and nature



  • I am the quiet one on your wedding day ;) always capturing those unseen moments like the tiny tears and cheeky smiles,  

  • I can find everything on the internet, if I can't... it doesn't exist ;)

  • big fun of cycling!!

  • ​I love DYI challenges and I am very good with it 

  • I am perfectionist but very undecided with making final decisions this is why God gave me Eva ;)

  • My dream life is a van-life; we've already traveled some part of Europe in our little VW with our son when he was 6 months old; amazing experience

  • I love travel, cycling and walking. Overall active life. 

  • I enjoy being vegetarian, best decision of my life 



We are Eva and Kris

Almost inseparable duo passionate about photography. 


We live 3 miles from  Chichester, West Sussex.

We work throughout the whole of West Sussex and more... just ask the question and we can go with you anywhere you want, even to the end of the earth. 

We love travelling!

If you want to know us better there are a few facts you may find interesting: